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Alpha Phi Alpha, Fraternity, Inc. is the first intercollegiate Greek-letter fraternity in the United States established for men of African descent, founded at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York by seven college men who recognized the need for a strong bond of Brotherhood between African Americans. These visionary founders are known as the "Jewels" of the Fraternity.


These men were no ordinary achievers, given racial attitudes in 1906, their accomplishments were monumental. As Jewel Henry Arthur Callis euphemistically stated 'because the half-dozen African American students at Cornell University during the school year 1904-05 did not return to campus the following year, the incoming students in 1905-06, in founding Alpha Phi Alpha, were determined to bind themselves together to ensure that each would survive in the racially hostile environment.'


In coming together with this simple act, they preceded by decades the emergence of such on-campus programs as affirmative action, upward bound and remedial assistance. The students set outstanding examples of scholarship, leadership and success preceding the efforts even of the NAACP and similar civil rights organizations. These founding fathers,  known as the JEWELS  of the Fraternity are:


Jewel Henry A. Callis

Jewel Charles H. Chapman

Jewel George B. Kelly

Jewel Eugene K. Jones

Jewel Nathaniel A. Murray

Jewel Robert H. Ogle

Jewel Vertner W. Tandy



Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. develops leaders, promotes brotherhood and academic excellence, while providing service and advocacy for our communities.



The objectives of this Fraternity shall be: to stimulate the ambition of its members; to prepare them for the greatest usefulness in the causes of humanity, freedom, and dignity of the individual; to encourage the highest and noblest form of manhood; and to aid down-trodden humanity in its efforts to achieve higher social, economic and intellectual status. 



Manly Deeds, Scholarship, and Love for All Mankind.  



First of All, Servants of All, We Shall Transcend All.

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